An Introduction

Alcoholic Addict

Alcoholic Addict

Provided by Dave P., Winnipeg

The first thing I would like to say is what a joy it is for me to introduce this story. I met the author several years ago when he first came into the
Alcoholics Anonymous program. I watched as he began his journey and as he proceeded to teach me many things about both the program and myself.

When Doug asked me to write the introduction to his book, being a good Alcoholic Addict, I immediately began to plot how to somehow take credit for it. When I realized it had absolutely nothing to do with me, I decided to ignore it for a while. However, Doug asked me periodically how it was going, so I finally had to actually read it.

My discovery was this: Doug somehow manages to articulate exactly the way it is for a lot of us who are in the program. I really should speak just for myself, but having been around for a while, I find he has been able to simplify and express things that I have known only on an intuitive level.

The story as laid out is a blueprint for addiction as well as for the process of recovery. If nothing else it will serve as a map for how ordinary people can and do fall into addiction.

The simple fact is that substance abuse destroys many more lives than just the ones of those who are actually abusing. So perhaps this simple story will bring some much-needed light onto a dark subject. If just one person learns about how it works, then all is well with this process.

As a friend of ours in the program used to tell us, the answer to all our questions is love. I believe Doug has found this to be the truth, and I believe he would join me in wishing you, the reader, the same.

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