Home of Serenity

Serenity Publishing is the home of Vancouver Island author, Doug Schaede (pronounced “shady”), who has self-published five books, all available for purchase through this website.

Ayla's Story

Ayla’s Story, $15.95

Doug started his writing in 2004 with Ayla’s Story. His granddaughter had a big hand in his start, born premature at 24 weeks gestation weighing 1lb 5oz. Doug was keeping a journal of the events that she was experiencing, had a hard time sleeping one night and the idea of a book came to him. He self-published the book and printed copies for his immediate family members as a keepsake.

Talking to a few others in the self-publishing business, the decision was made to make writing one of his hobbies.

Serenity Publishing was born.

Other Books by the Author

A Journey from Within

Mere objects or who has the best toys will not help in achieving lasting peace, serenity, or happiness. It is an inside job that will take time to develop. If you really want to be more peaceful and happy this book can help. $16.95

Alcoholic Addict

This book will take you on a journey through one person’s life of self-destruction caused by an addiction to alcohol and drugs. The voyage begins in early childhood when a curious child becomes an angry and confused teenager with feelings of inadequacy. $17.95

Islands of the Mind

Between the things we see and the things we fear there are doors that open to the reality of nightmares. This is a compilation of short stories that will take you on a journey into the mysteries of the mind. They will take you to a state of lucid dreaming where the difference between reality and fantasy is indistinguishable. $14.95

Sweet Revenge

Jack Wilmer was a man haunted by his past, living with feelings of inadequacy. He had never known the meaning of love, or how to express it. His life was full of all forms of abuse, not only from others, but also self-inflicted. $13.95